Learn about ISEP Exchange and study abroad at a wider range of universities.

What is ISEP?

ISEP is a non-profit organisation with more than 40 years of experience working with universities around the world to help students study abroad. More than 60,000 students from member institutions have participated in their long and short-term programmes.

When studying abroad through ISEP, you will receive fantastic support from the ISEP Global Support Network – from programme selection and application, to finding modules and pre-departure meetings.

Study abroad destinations

The advantage of studying abroad through ISEP is that you can apply to universities outside our regular exchange agreements in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

To find ISEP University members, go to the ISEP Program Finder and select ‘University of Sussex’. You can use the search fields to narrow down your choices, allowing you to select the year, region and field of study you’re interested in. You can use more filters to search by campus size, housing type and more.

How to apply to study abroad through ISEP

You will need to complete the standard internal application through the Study Abroad team, and list ISEP and the name of the university(s) as one or more of your choices. 

If your internal application is successful

You will be allocated to study abroad through ISEP Exchange. The Study Abroad team do not place you in a particular university. 

You will then need to complete a further application with ISEP, where you will list a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 universities from their list. Two of these must have a ‘good chance of placement’. You could be allocated to any of these. The Study Abroad team will need to approve your ISEP application, and you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee. This is paid to ISEP by debit or credit card.

Study abroad placement and acceptance package (with ISEP)

If your ISEP application is successful, you will receive your study abroad placement notification between 3 to 5 weeks after the ISEP application deadline.

The next step is to complete a course list for your host institution. Work closely with your Departmental Representative to make sure there are modules suitable to your degree at Sussex.

ISEP will forward a copy of your application to your host university for your host ISEP Coordinator to review and confirm your placement.

Confirmation of placement

Once confirmed by the host university, ISEP will then send your acceptance package to you and the Study Abroad team at Sussex. Your acceptance package will include your contract of participation and a medical form. At this point you will be required to pay the non-refundable acceptance fee. The Study Abroad team will need to review and sign your acceptance package too.

After acceptance

After you have completed your ISEP acceptance package, you will need to purchase the ISEP health insurance and arrange travel cover.

You will also pay Sussex for housing and meals. There will be a set price for this and payment will be made in September and January if you study for a full year.

If a visa is required to study in your host country, you should begin the visa process immediately after accepting your placement. This process can be lengthy but ISEP can guide you through it.

You may be required to complete additional forms for your host university. These may include internal applications, course registration forms and housing forms. Please follow any instructions in your acceptance package.

Pre-departure orientation

All ISEP students will be invited to attend pre-departure meetings organised by their ISEP Coordinator and our Study Abroad team.


  • tuition fee – payable to Sussex. Reduced to 15% if you study for the full additional year
  • ISEP Exchange Application fee – $100 (non-refundable). Payable to ISEP when you submit your ISEP application
  • ISEP Exchange Placement fee – $450 (non-refundable). Payable to ISEP upon accepting your place
  • ISEP Health Insurance – costs will vary depending on the destination
  • travel cover – you can purchase this through Sussex. Costs will be provided to accepted students
  • housing and meals – payable to Sussex in two instalments (September and January) if you study for a full additional year. In 2024-25, the ISEP programme fee is £8,900 per year and £4,450 per semester. It is expected to increase for 2025-26 in line with local UK housing and CPI increases. Costs will be provided to accepted students closer to the time
  • other additional costs may include visas, vaccinations, books & supplies, campus fees and travel to the destination.

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