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Find out how to spend a semester studying abroad during your undergraduate degree.

Studying abroad for a semester

The semester abroad is a variation of studies, incorporated within your 3-year degree, and takes place during your second year. You apply for this option during the first year of your studies. 

You can choose to study abroad during semester 1 or 2 of your second year, depending on when you have fewest core modules. Some Schools have freed up one of the two semesters to allow students to study abroad during that time. Find out more through your Departmental Representative or the Sussex Abroad office.

The semester abroad is contributory and counts towards your final degree classification.

You will return to finish your third year at Sussex. You are not allowed to study abroad for a semester during your final year of studies.


You need to be on track to achieve an average of 60% in year 1 and maintain a high academic standard over year 2.

The following subject areas are not eligilbe for a semester abroad:

  • any Science subject
  • Law
  • Engineering and Informatics
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Media Practice
  • Media Production
  • Journalism.

Please note that Politics students can only study abroad in Semester 2.

How to apply to study abroad

You'll apply for a place through the Global Mobility team.

Find out how to apply.

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