Reporting antisocial behaviour

Find out who to contact if you are a victim of antisocial behaviour while living in University-managed accommodation.

Key contacts

If you need to report antisocial behaviour or nuisance noise, speak to the person first if you can and it is safe to do so.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact your Residential Life Connector or Residence Building Manager.

You can email if you need further support.

If the noise is late at night and you are living on campus, call the Night Porter 24-hour reception in York House on +44 (0)1273 678323.

Suspicious behaviour

If you are on campus and see anything suspicious, or someone acting suspiciously, report it to Security:

You could also tell your reception porter or your building manager.

It may be nothing to worry about but it is best to let them know.

Tip: Avoid letting people into your block by holding a door open, unless you know them or can check their ID.

Emergencies and illegal behaviour

In an emergency:

  • if you’re on campus, contact Security at York House, on 01273 873333
  • if you’re off campus, call 999 for police, ambulance or the fire service.

If it’s not urgent, call 101 to contact the local police.

Repairs, cleaning and pests

See how to report a problem with your accommodation if something is broken, needs cleaning or there are animals in the building.

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