Find out who to call and where to go if you need urgent help for yourself or another student.

If you need emergency or urgent help

In an emergency, whether you are on or off campus, call 999 for emergency services (police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coast guard).

If you are on campus, you must also contact our Security team on 3333 via an internal phone or 01273 873333 from a mobile. This is so that the Security team can guide any emergency vehicle to your location quickly and can administer first aid if required.

If you are unsure whether to call emergency services, call Security for advice – they are available 24-hours, seven days per week. You can also call them from one of the emergency phones around campus, which are identified by their blue flashing lights.

Other ways we can help you

If you need help for a specific issue, see how we can support you below.