Find out who to call and where to go if you need urgent help for yourself or another student.

If you need emergency or urgent help

Call 999 for emergency services (police, fire rescue or coast guard) if you, or someone else is in immediate danger.

If you are on campus, you must also contact our Security team on 3333 via an internal phone or 01273 873333 from a mobile. This is so that the Security team can guide any emergency vehicle to your location quickly. 

They are also trained in first aid and will be able to get to you more quickly than an ambulance. It’s a good idea to keep security’s number on your mobile.

Not sure if its an emergency?

If you are unsure whether to call emergency services, call Security for advice – they are available 24-hours, seven days per week. You can also call them from one of the emergency phones around campus, which are identified by their blue flashing lights.

If its not an emergency but you still need help

You can seek non-emergency help through:

  • Non-emergency police line

    If you would like to report a crime which is no longer an emergency you can either call Sussex Police on 101 or visit/call your local police station.

    You can also report a theft and other crimes to the police.

    If you’ve experienced a crime, you might want to talk about the experience with a Student Advisor.

  • The University

    If you decide against contacting the police, and you live in University-managed accommodation and need help at night or over the weekend, you can speak to:

    If you need help during weekday office hours (Monday-Friday, (9am-5pm), you can get support from the: 

    • Student Centre by calling  01273 876767
    • Sexual and Domestic Violence response advisor, by emailing:
    • Residential Life team (if you live on campus) by emaiing:
    • University Counselling Service by calling  01273 678156. The staff are trained to deal with incidents of sexual and domestic violence – it is best to phone in advance for a priority appointment. 
  • Report and support

    If you or someone else has experienced behaviours such as bullying, harassment, a hate incident, sexual violence, domestic abuse or discrimination, you can let us know and receive support using our Report and Support tool.

    Find out more about disclosing an incident to the University.

Help for specific issues

If you need help with a specific issue (and you arent in immediate danger), see the support available to you below.