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Taking a break from your studies

Find out how your visa will be affected if you choose to temporarily or permanently withdraw from your course at Sussex.

What to do first

There are many things you will need to get advice about if you are thinking of pausing or leaving your studies.

These include your:

  • academic progress
  • finances
  • housing needs
  • personal circumstances
  • health.

See what you have to do if you are thinking of withdrawing from Sussex.


Once you have read our guidance on withdrawing, you need to know how your visa status is affected – contact our immigration advisers.

If you are an EU student with Pre-Settled status, check our Brexit hub for details on how absences from the UK can affect your eligibility for Settled status in future.

What happens when you withdraw

When you withdraw – either temporarily or permanently – you will no longer be a registered student and we will need to report this to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

This happens within 10 working days. Check your details are correct because UKVI uses them to contact you.

UKVI should then write to you to confirm your visa is going to be curtailed (cancelled). This can take a few months. If you don’t receive this notification, tell one of our immigration advisers.

UKVI normally gives you 60 days from the date of the email or letter to leave the UK.

You don’t have to wait to hear from UKVI; you can leave the UK as soon as you wish.

Important: You must not work if you withdraw from your studies, either temporarily or permanently. This is because your work permission depends on following a course of study.

Resuming at Sussex

If you will be resuming your studies at Sussex you will need to apply for a new student visa in your home country before you return, meeting all the application requirements (including financial ones) again.

You will need a new CAS to make a new visa application.

You should hear from our:

When your CAS is processed it will be emailed to an international student adviser and we will contact you.

Once we have verified you have proof of funds for your student visa application, you will get your CAS.

Tip: There is a time limit on a student visa, depending on your level of study.

PhD students

If you’re studying for a PhD, you can:

  • take annual leave
  • temporarily withdraw (also known as intermission)
  • apply for authorised absence.

Find out more about PhD options for international students.

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