Get help if you, or someone you know, has been physically assaulted or experienced a hate crime.

Emergency help

If you’ve been physically assaulted or experienced a hate crime on campus contact us

If you’re off-campus or live in student accomodation, first call Emergency Services directly on 999 and report the issue(s).

Non-emergency help

If you don't believe the physical assault or hate crime is an emergency, you can seek non-emergency help.


If you would like to report a crime which is no longer an emergency you can either call 101 or visit/call your local police station.

Report and support

If you or someone else has experienced behaviours such as bullying, harassment, a hate incident, sexual violence, domestic abuse or discrimination, you can let us know using this Report and Support tool.

All staff, students and visitors to our campus can use this site to:

  • find information about and access University and specialist support services
  • make a report to the University so that an advisor can talk you through options for support or further action
  • make an anonymous report to make the University aware of your experience, (please note that we will be unable to respond to or take specific action on an anonymous report).

Self evident app

The Self Evident App is a convenient and effective way for people across England & Wales to engage with the police for free. The free app makes it easy for you to:

  • file a crime report with the police from your smartphone
  • send the police photo and video evidence
  • record a reliable statement
  • keep a secure record of your report and evidence
  • validate the evidence you have captured.

Student Centre

You can discuss the incident further with an advisor from the Student Centre.

Restore Respect

Restore Respect is a restorative programme that offers support to anyone who has been involved in an incident on campus that is perceived to be motivated by identity-based prejudice.

Students can report incidents (sometimes referred to as “hate crimes” or “hate incidents”) into Restore Respect and will receive information about the different dialogical ways to address harms that have been caused. 

Restore Respect is entirely voluntary and anyone who reports in can choose to engage as much or as little as they want.

Restore Respect is a separate programme to the University’s formal disciplinary process. Students who wish to make a formal complaint will be given information on how to do this.

Has a member of the University community carried out this hate crime?

If a member of the University community has carried out this hate crime you can report it using our Report + Support tool, or discuss the incident further with an advisor from the Student Centre or a member of the Residential Life Team.

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