We’re always looking to improve our website and want to hear what you think.

Shape our website

We want to put our website’s users at the centre of our decision-making.

For students, that means bringing all the information and links you need into one place – the Student Hub.

We want to know what you think. Your feedback will continue to help shape our work.

Email dcm@sussex.ac.uk with your thoughts as a student. Include a link to the particular page that prompted your feedback.

Next steps

Our next steps are focusing on:

  • narrowing the width of the reading area – some users have said it looks quite wide on their screen
  • adjusting the background colours – we have had feedback that it looks too bright
  • adding elements that present information in different ways – such as a step-by-step of the registration process.

Now find out about the things we’ve changed so far.

Making guidance easier to find – what we’ve done so far

The first section of the Student Hub, New students, was launched in August 2018. Since then we have made several changes based on feedback from Sussex students.

After the first round of feedback, we:

  • restyled the popular links to make them stand out more, and added links to the Schools and the Students’ Union
  • added a border-top colour to the main navigation blocks on the homepage to make them easier to scan
  • reduced the number of red links on the page
  • put in a search bar.

Then, in response to a student survey that expressed a desire for a greater sense of community, we collated services and schemes to create Your university experience.

In 2019, we continued to test the Hub with current Sussex students, and we ended up:

  • taking bullet points off the navigation blocks and creating a second tier of pages, including Your studies
  • adjusting the background and block colours so they’re easier on the eye
  • moving News and Events into the Student Hub template for consistency and setting up Flint

You also told us the homepage looked very wordy, so we introduced some images to blocks that link to key sections of the Student Hub.

We also brought these areas into the Hub:

In 2020, we were able to publish refined guidance on Complaints and appeals.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened. We listened to your questions and concerns to produce our Coronavirus guidance.

In 2021, while continuing to respond to the pandemic, we:

In 2022, we moved the following information into the Student Hub:

We also added a new navigation to the top of the Student Hub, allowing users to find everything they need from any page.